Oxford University School is an independent day school dedicated to academic, physical, and  creative excellence, while also nurturing children to become leaders. OUS inspires students to  achieve their highest intellectual, social, and emotional potential. 


Oxford University School is dedicated to the educational philosophy that considers the diverse needs of today's students and families. The school recognizes the need for non-traditional instructional settings that provide individual academic attention while encouraging emotional and social growth.

Oxford University School offers a developmentally appropriate curriculum, which challenges  students to view learning as stimulating and rewarding while preparing them to realize and enjoy  their full potential as individuals. Our ultimate goal is to produce lifelong learners who recognize  the worth of self and others. 

In addition to a strong foundation in the basic subjects of math, reading, social studies, and  science, OUS offers instruction in special subjects including foreign language, art, music,  computer, and physical education. Special features of OUS include academically oriented field  trips and computer assisted instruction.


Oxford University School integrates co-curricular activities used to enhance the student's academic experience. Innovative teaching techniques combined with field trips and use of area resources, provide a comprehensive academic experience for all students.